Stilt Walkers Performance

Stilt walkers is a common sight in grand events for performers to provide photo opportunity for guests to tangibilise the experience and enhance social media sharing of event. Adorned in vibrant colored costumes, stilt walkers attract attention given their unusual height.

At, our stilt walkers engage guests and create an positively impactful experience, maintain an atmosphere of excitement and incorporate elements of comedy. Stilt walkers is a surefire way to impress your guests and clients of all ages and ethnics.

Whether a private party, themed function, festival, promotional event or product launch, we can offer something that will dazzle and entertain your guests!

Add a dash of class to your events with our professional stilt walkers.

We cater mainly to carnivals, walkabout shows, events, dance and dinner, opening ceremonies.

Stilt walker singapore

Stilt Walker History

Stilt walking acts started out consisting mainly of the illusion of a tall person dressed in long trousers or skirt to cover the stilts. It has then since moved on to create a variety of outfits, with mythical characters or adopting an animal’s persona. More recently, it has been used in all sorts of launch events to garner attention from public.


Similar to God of Fortune mascots, stilt walkers are known to be crowd’s favourite for mingling and photograph opportunities. Let your event/venue flourish in social media with our stilt walking team.

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