LED Lion Dance in Singapore

HeQuan Institute of Wushu and Lion Dance(Singapore) LED lion dance provide an amazing visual impact that will WOW corporate event audiences. Our performances includes LED lion dance Cai Qing, welcoming of VIP, escorting VIPs, etc.

The L.E.D lion dance performance will require the venue’s lights to be dimmed/off for best effect. The L.E.D Lion Dance performance does not include acrobatic maneuvers due to the weight of the equipment.


LED Dragon Dance In Singapore

Highly popular and enormous fun to watch, our electrifying LED dragon dance performance is set to leave the audience in awe.

The great skill in this ancient dance lies in truly effective teamwork. Each dancer must perform their own acrobatic manoeuvres whilst still working closely with the rest of the team as they bring the mighty dragon alive by creating graceful movements highlighting its sinuous beauty and leaving no doubt about its awesome, fiery power.

Each LED Dragon Dance performance is about 5-7 minutes in duration and requires the venue’s light to be dimmed/off for the best effect.