From humble beginnings in 1993 as a traditional lion dance troupe to today’s local brand name, HeQuan strives to provide quality lion dance entertainment across Singapore and Johor. In 2002, Johor HeQuan was incorporated. The addition of Johor HeQuan to our brand is a testament of our successful business model and service excellence. Johor LeeQuan and Singapore ShanXuan was founded in recent years and has found resounding success in a growing market.

In recent years, HeQuan actively promotes lion dance across ethnic groups in Singapore. By establishing deep mutual understanding between races and our performing art, HeQuan strives to lead the revolution of lion dance from ‘Chinese Culture’ to ‘Singapore Culture’.

At HeQuan, we strongly believe in developing values and skills that are useful in life. Teamwork, discipline, endurance and leadership are the essential values we hope to instill in our members. As a cultural sport, we promote these key qualities through vigorous training’s and fun times shared between our members. These intrinsic values have proven valuable to our member’s personal life and career.